PR Consulting Plan

Learn how to promote your music through D-I-Y strategies and tools. Gain concrete advice on music marketing through PR consulting so you can stand out from the crowd and get heard.

Our PR consulting plan is perfect if you want fresh ideas to take your career to the next level. We analyze your brand and develop an implementation plan that will boost your image at-large leading to greater opportunities.

Highlights of this plan include:

  • How to launch an album, concert tour, special project, or high-profile debut.

  • How to implement D-I-Y press relations.

  • How to exponentially grow a loyal social media following.

  • How to create content that elevates your fans’ perception of you. 

Why Hire Us


We work on the presenter and artist sides of the classical music industry. We know what presenters look for in hiring artists and we're here to implement strategic services to build your reputation so others will celebrate you through more engagements and more opportunities leading you to command higher fees.

Our model is key. We provide you with game-changing strategies to take your career to the next level with a focus on fusing traditional and new media together.

The Plan

Month 1

+ Branding: Establish brand archetype and communications strategy.

Month 2

+ Content Calendars: Generate a master plan for weekly-to-monthly content that is disbursed on social media, email blasts, and website.

Month 3

+ Social Media (Part 1, Facebook and YouTube): Jump start social media following using strategic campaigns to grow engagement and fan base.

Month 4

+ Social Media (Part 2, Instagram and Twitter): Grow following exponentially on Instagram and Twitter without any paid promotion using a clever technique.

Month 5

+ Email Marketing: Create template for monthly e-blasts with content calendar.

Month 6

+ Website Synchronization: Synchronize social media and email marketing content with your website.

Month 7

+ Campaign Implementation: Pump out synchronized campaigns to social media, email lists, and website based on content calendars.

Month 8

+ Brand Partnerships: Reach out to potential companies or organizations that align with your brand to develop a mutually beneficial partnership that elevates both parties.

Month 9

+ Press Relations: Contact key press to publicly legitimize your work.

Month 10

+ Special Projects: Focus on developing a special project such as a recording or collaboration with other key artists.

Month 11

+ Metrics: Track your fan growth, website traffic, and email marketing campaigns to pivot where necessary.

Month 12

+ Evaluation: Strategize for the next year by taking stock in how far you have come in the past year.

Consulting Plan


$500/month for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.