Music Marketing Plan

We’ve developed our Music Marketing Plan tailored for organizations who want to promote concerts and festivals, and raise their public profile. We seamlessly plug into your existing marketing and communications team. Or, if you are a small organization without a team, we become your “marketing department”.

Why hire us?


We know the budget constraints of arts organizations.

We’re happy to work with you to find alternative and highly-effective solutions to promote your concerts, events, and raise your overall profile.

We provide expert services for half the cost of hiring full or part-time employees.

While many organizations internally handle marketing, communications, and PR, we provide these services at a fraction of the cost with highly-concentrated expert skills.

We offer premium services at almost 2/3 less than most PR firms.

As a startup culture, our overhead costs are lower than traditional firms and rather than pocketing the profit, we pass the savings on to our clients through a reduced monthly rate.

Organization Promotion Plan

Music Marketing Plan

Starting from $1,900/month.

This music marketing plan includes some or all services listed below depending on the particular organization’s needs. Please specify what you’re looking for in your email to us. Then we’ll be able to accurately provide a quote for our service fee.

Press Relations


Global, National, Local 

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Identify the relevant angle of a story. Write news/press releases. Pitch key journalists for articles to be published/posted. Email and phone support.

Social media management


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs

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Post timely images, videos, and text that resonate with your following. Integrate tactics to increase the overall following and engagement levels. Analytics reporting. 24-hour turnaround. Email and phone support.

Email Marketing


Newsletters, Updates, Announcements, Promotions

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Copywriting. Graphic design. Formatting. Email list management. Unlimited revisions. Analytics reporting. 24-hour turnaround. Email and phone support.



Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, Weebly

Website design. Website development. Copywriting. Content updates. SEO strategy and integration. Image formatting. Analytics reporting. 24-hour turnaround. Email and phone support.

Graphic Design / Printing


Program Books, Ads, Logos, Websites, Social Media, Email

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Graphic design for print and digital. Copywriting. Printing services.



Social Media, Print, Digital

Graphic design. Copywriting. Identify target market. Implement ads. Liaise with media. Analytics reporting.



Dynamic Advice via Phone/Email

Receive answers from our experts on marketing, PR, and communications.