Pianist Zsolt Bognár launches film project: Living the Classical Life

New YouTube videos released on surviving the classical music industry, featuring pianist Zsolt Bognár interviewing prominent classical musicians and personalities. View the trailer above! Additional episodes located on YouTube and for free downloadable podcasts on iTunes.

Episode 1: Joshua Roman, cellist

Episode 2: Joe Patrych, recording producer

Episode 3: Cosmo Buono, artist manager

Episode 4: Filip Pogády, violinist; Ariel Bodman, soprano; Fernando Arroyo, composer; Kyle Ritenauer, conductor

Episode 5: Joel Smirnoff, president of Cleveland Institute of Music

Episode 6: Paul Schenly, pianist

Episode 7: David Aladashvili, pianist

Episode 8: Tanya Gabrielian, pianist

Episode 9:Stephen Hough,British concert piainst, writer, and MacArthur Fellow

Episode 10: Daniil Trifonov, Deutsche Grammophon exclusive recording artist