PCMS Recital: Jonathan Beyer and Spencer Myer

The Philadelphia Chamber Music Society (PCMS) presented baritone Jonathan Beyer and pianist Spencer Myer at the American Philosophical Society on May 3, 2013.  While most of the repertoire was standard to some extent, I particularly enjoyed Mr. Beyer’s curated song set of “popular” ballads that all confronted the theme of loneliness, concluding with Gershwin’s “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

Both artists were groomed by Astral Artists before establishing their solo careers with New York managers who have continued finding engagements for them around the world.  Since the recital on Friday night, Mr. Beyer is off to sing in Germany and Mr. Myer to play in Texas this week.  The life a musician may seem glamorous, but it really does take a lot of personal stamina to withstand the rigors of traveling—and like Mr. Beyer’s song set, it can be lonely. 

I look forward to hearing these artists perform again, but who knows when they will be in one location at the same time!